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Company Overview: Caltec Limited

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Caltec Limited
Bedford, MK43 0FQ

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Website: www.caltec.com
Phone: +44 1234 750144

Caltec is a world leader in production boosting solutions using jet pumps for oil and gas applications, including: - De-liquification of gas wells: restoring, sustaining production from struggling wells - Preventing HP wells backing out LP wells - Lowering separator operating pressure, to increase production - Use of compressor recycle "wasted" energy to improve production With typical production increases of 10% to 40%, Caltec has a proven track record in adding value to major oil companies world-wide, including Shell, BP, Chevron, Conoco and Eni. Compact separation, in line with the process and at process operating pressure, for: • Gas and liquid separation, especially at high pressure, and high GVF • Solids separation from gas or liquid • Bulk oil and water separation Our new Wx technology will offer a step change in bulk oil water separation, for produced water and other applications, including de bottlenecking process, and increasing system throughput capacity.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Jet Pumps and Compact Inline Separators
Ownership: Private