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Company Overview: Running Fox Resource Corp.

Company Information
Running Fox Resource Corp.
21-7695 St. Albans Rd.
Richmond, B.C., V6Y 3W8

Contact Information
Website: www.foxgold.ca
Phone: 604-294-2982
Phone: 604.648.8812
Executive Contact: Michael Meyers

Looking for Canadian Small Cap Companies? Investors conducting small cap stock research will want to know that Running Fox Resources (TSX -V: "RUN") is a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange-V with the trading symbol of "RUN". The Company has extensive experience in mineral and oil and gas projects and it has been developing projects and reviewing select properties for suitable risk/reward ratios and high probabilities of developing rewarding mineral and hydrocarbon interests. Running Fox is drilling a high impact natural gas well in Alberta, Canada with an interest in 28 Sections under Option, and a potential resource base between 30 billion cubic feet and 80 billion cubic feet. It also owns significant gold projects in British Columbia (Brett) and Alaska (Pogo).

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Developing high impact oil gas and mineral projects
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: TSX-V
Number of Employees: 10