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Company Overview: Muchowich Offshore Oil Services, Inc.

Company Information
Muchowich Offshore Oil Services, Inc.
PO Box 1147
Freeport, TX 77542

Contact Information
Website: www.offshoreoil.com
Phone: 979-233-1851
Phone: 979-233-0552
Executive Contact: Stacy Stanley
HR Contact: Sue Batts
Sales Contact: Michael Gay

Offshore Oil Services, Inc., owned by the Muchowich family, is the most recent of businesses that have evolved over the last 70 years. Today, the company continues to serve the offshore oil industry as a provider of offshore supply vessels. It is the goal of Offshore Oil Services, Inc. to provide outstanding equipment and vessel services to our valued customers. We are constantly exploring ideas and implementing plans which allow us to maintain our reputation as a quality provider of services. We believe that a team of employees dedicated to excellence and proud of being a part of our organization is the way to accomplish that goal.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Crewboat Leasing
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 55