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Company Overview: Total Separation Solutions, LLC

Company Information
Total Separation Solutions, LLC
6650 W. Sam Houston Pkwy
Ste. 450
Houston, TX 77041

Contact Information
Website: www.totalsep.com
Phone: 832-467-3400
Executive Contact: Kevin Smith
Sales Contact: Bob Sloan
Investor Contact: Tom Grundman

Total Separation Solutions, LLC provides new technology to optimize filtration, fluid processing, blending, and reclamation operations, for increased safety and ease-of-operation, and reduced environmental exposure. The new ShockWave Powerâ„¢ Reactor (SPR), from Total Separation Solutions, dehydrates heavy processing and completion fluids without flame, and provides continuous problem-free steam. Becuase there are no heat transfer surfaces, there is no scale formation. Rotation within the ShockWave Powerâ„¢ Reactor creates pressure differences within the liquid, causing tiny bubbles to form, rapidly expand and collapse. The resulting shock waves can be used to heat, concentrate, and mix more effectively than traditional processes.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Heating and Filtration
Ownership: Private