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Company Overview: China Additive

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China Additive
Shanghai, 201103

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Website: www.china-additives.com

We are a manufacturing company with operations department in Shanghai (export,logistics).. We supply chemical products to number of countries in Europe , CIS & USA. Our service includes full range of procedures necessary for export operations, including transportation of cargo (FOB) and customs declarations. The Process : > The preliminary coordination and further statement of all specifications on the potential product and its packaging with buyer. > The manufacturing of chemicals and its packaging according to customer requirements. > Placing of graphic elements (the text and the trade mark in any language or elements of design) on packaging. > Transportation to any major port of China FOB , if required. To assure your success with us, we offer you: -International and highly skilled staff with huge experience on the field. -Adequate understanding of business forms on dealing with partners with different cultural background. -Flexible approach to suggested forms of partnership. -Sensitive approach to all inquiries and requests. -Constant and well organized work through a modern communication facilities. -Correct understanding of principles “mutual benefit” and “reliability”. -Full range of services for international transactions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Antiknock gasoline additives
Ownership: Private