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Company Overview: Robert R. Austin, Inc.

Company Information
Robert R. Austin, Inc.
2400 McCue Road, #106
Houston, TX 77056

Contact Information
Website: www.rraustin.com
Phone: 832-545-0022
Phone: 713-840-1561
Executive Contact: Robert R. Austin, PE

Robert R. Austin, Inc. has performed international business development, marketing, sales and management services in over 70 countries. Austin's business consulting, strategic marketing and direct sales services have been provided for a diversified group of companies seeking to expand their customer base. Austin's clients include both United States and foreign based companies seeking profitable growth through expansion of their domestic, international and/or world trade business. Austin can serve as a business development representative for its clients and make the initial "cold call" to contacts with potential customers for our clients. Sales development calls are then continued on a timely basis with our client's prospective customers. Austin has been described by its clients as being a company that can prepare the business strategic marketing plan and then go implement the plan by making direct business development and sales contacts with the new customer base.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: business development
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 1