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Company Overview: A. K. Suda, Inc.

Company Information
A. K. Suda, Inc.
3004 19th Street
Metairie, LA 70002-4907

Contact Information
Website: www.aksuda.com
Phone: 504-835-1500
Executive Contact: Bulbul Suda

A. K. Suda, Inc., with its sister company A. K. Suda, Ltd., is a well-known, full-service, naval engineering firm with offices in USA, the Middle East, and India. Established in 1983, our experience is wide ranging. We have designed and/or retrofitted vessels for a variety of applications including liftboats, heavy lift vessels, MPSVs, dredges, crewboats, etc. Many of them are first of a kind, award-winning designs which have consistently won peer-recognition and international acclaim.

We are pioneers of the modern liftboat. Many of our liftboat designs are optimized to give the highest possible cargo variable load with the lowest possible hull weight.

Our proven crewboat designs have been recognized as top ten vessels in the year they were built. These vessels have a USCG Subchapter T designation, yet our engineers designed them without the use of deep tonnage frames or tonnage openings throughout the vessel, thus saving on aluminum.

We have worked with major shipyards and ship owners for design, post construction analysis and retrofit of various split hopper barges and dredges. We have also done stability analyses that have resulted in improved capacity.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
Ownership: Private