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Company Overview: Environmental Monitoring Service

Company Information
Environmental Monitoring Service
905 Gemini St.
Houston , TX 77058

Contact Information
Website: www.envmonsvc.com
Phone: 281-488-9729
Phone: 281-488-9729
Executive Contact: Brent Pruet
HR Contact: Joe Cantu
Sales Contact: Brent Pruet
Investor Contact: Jim Abriz

Environmental Monitoring Service is a fugitive emission monitoring, leak detection and repair business. We have several oil, gas and chemical companies throughout the world in which we provide 100% accuracy in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our technicians are all certified and trained for complete knowledge and understanding of regulations. Our client services department provides all of the facility reporting requirements, again with 100% accuracy. You can view our site, or call our marketing department to discuss further information.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Fugitive Emission Monitoring/Leak Detection and Repair
Ownership: Private