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Company Overview: Greens Bayou Pipe Mill, LP

Company Information
Greens Bayou Pipe Mill, LP
13935 Industrial Road
Houston, TX 77015

Contact Information
Website: www.gbpipemill.com
Phone: 713-450-8959
Phone: 713-275-4503
Executive Contact: Mike Schroeder
Sales Contact: Wayne Whittington

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill, LP is a high-capacity manufacturer of large fabricated pipe. We produce pipe for some of the most demanding structural engineering projects in the world. Common applications include jacket legs and piles for offshore platforms, bridge piles, mooring and breasting dolphins, and caissons. Since opening in 1970, we have gained extensive experience specializing in rolling and welding thick wall tubular components and products. Our work force is a highly skilled, qualified and motivated group of employees with an average length of service of 10 years. In addition to manufacturing rolled structural tubulars, Greens Bayou Pipe Mill, LP can also custom assemble line pipe from double random lengths. With our vast production facilities, in a separate shop, we have superbly positioned ourselves to meet our customer's needs for such make up/weld out work. Our pipe has become the foundation for some of the country's most innovative and complex structures as well as some of the most basic. As a supplier of pipe to most every industry, we are ready to meet your project's needs. We are experienced at supplying the pipe in turnkey style and can handle all of your pipe requirements.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Large Fabricated Pipe
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 80