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Company Overview: BICO Drilling Tools, Inc.

Company Information
BICO Drilling Tools, Inc.
3040 Greens Road
Houston, 77032

Contact Information
Website: www.bicodrilling.com
Phone: 2815906966
Phone: 2815902280
Executive Contact: Sam Claytor
Sales Contact: April Valentine

BICO Drilling Tools, Inc. is a recognized leader in the design, manufacture and service of downhole drilling motors, drilling jars, shock subs and hole opening equipment used in the oilfield, mining and HDD industries. BICO's success comes from the strength of our products and as equally important, the dedication of our employees. Our management, marketing and engineering teams are comprised of seasoned professionals with an average of 20+ years of industry experience in bringing cost effective solutions to our customers challenges. This innovative approach combined with our extensive range of motors allows BICO to excel in solving real world problems while continually exceeding our customers expectations.

BICO's new SpiroStar Stator provides unparalleled strength as a result of our unique uniform rubber thickness. This revolutionary design doubles the power while virtually eliminating hysteresis. Traditionally, hysterisis has been the predominant mechanism of failure for shortening the life of mud motors. The unique SpiroStar Stator experiences less swelling due to temperature and mud chemistry thus permitting it to be run in tougher applications than traditional tools. SpiroStar's ability to withstand higher temperatures will continue to push the performance envelope and redefine where positive displacement motors can be run. Strength, durability and increased power output make SpiroStar Stators the smart choice for optimum performance in today's ever-changing and harsher environments.

The Flex Drill downhole motor is a highly rugged and efficient positive displacement motor. The motor converts the drilling fluid’s hydraulic energy into mechanical energy in the form of torque and rotational speed. This conversion is accomplished through the use of a spiral rotor that fits into a stator of similar shape, to form a tight seal.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling Tools
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50