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Company Overview: GeoTomo LLC

Company Information
GeoTomo LLC
3354 Rogerdale Rd
Suite 9111
Houston, TX 77042

Contact Information
Website: www.geotomo.com
Phone: 713-780-0785
Phone: 713-780-0862
Executive Contact: Jie Zhang

GeoTomo was founded in Feb 1998 in Colorado. The company was later relocated in Houston in May 2000. GeoTomo is specialized in nonlinear tomographic imaging techniques, providing data processing services particularly for statics corrections. The company also commercialized three software products: TOMO+ (2D tomography and migration package), TOMOX (2D crosshole and VSP tomography), and TOMO3D (3D tomographic imaging package).

Quick Facts

Line of Business: 713-780-0785
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 4