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Company Overview: Everight Precision Technologies Corp

Company Information
Everight Precision Technologies Corp
431 N Latches Ln
Merion, PA 19066

Contact Information
Website: www.everightsensors.com
Phone: 610-453-3075
Phone: 610-672-9663

Everight Precision is the North American distributor for Positek Ltd.(UK) Sensors, including the full line of Positek Intrinsically Safe Linear and Rotary Position Sensors. Everight also serves OEMs and large end users requiring specifically designed linear and rotary position sensors to provide information to data acquisition and control systems. Product solutions can integrate all three essential aspects of the application requirement: basic sensor technology and support electronics, mechanical packaging, and system interface. Mechanical packaging considerations include physical interface with actuated components as well as environmental and operating conditions including immersion, pressure, temperature, shock and vibration, and impact.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Linear and Rotary Position/Displacement Sensors
Ownership: Private