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Company Overview: Gemini Valve

Company Information
Gemini Valve
2 Otter Court
Raymond, NH 03077

Contact Information
Website: www.geminivalve.com
Phone: 603 895-4761
Executive Contact: Harry Millette
HR Contact: Becky Shirtz
Sales Contact: Harry Millette
Investor Contact: Becky Shirtz

Gemini Valve is a privately held United States manufacturer of manual and automated valves and valve related products. Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations are housed in a well equipped 60,000 sq-ft facility located in rural southern New Hampshire.

Gemini Valve was founded in the early Seventies as an outgrowth of Worcester, MA based Parker & Harper Manufacturing. Founded in 1917, Parker and Harper Manufacturing was one of the first mass producers of ball valve components for many well known valve companies in the Worcester area during the infancy of the ball valve industry. Drawing on its manufacturing expertise Parker and Harper went on to design and manufacture its own line of ball valves and pneumatic actuators and building on its success, opened its New Hampshire based Gemini Valve Division in 1974.

Today Gemini Valve continues a long tradition of design and manufacturing by offering a variety of superior valve products. We offer a standard catalogue line of ball valve products that includes variety of sizes, styles, and connection types as well as a complete line of manual, pneumatic and electric operator packages. Drawing on our strengths in design and flexible manufacturing, we also offer customized fluid control solutions for unique applications where the standard product does not offer the best solution or overall value.

At Gemini Valve our goal is to provide application specific, value-oriented solutions with a level of professional service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Actuated Ball Valves
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 75