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Company Overview: Liquid-O-Ring Lubricants

Company Information
Liquid-O-Ring Lubricants
106 Montrose Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70503

Contact Information
Website: www.oilcenter.com
Phone: 337-993-3559
Phone: 337-993-3149
Executive Contact: Brenda Ahrabi
Sales Contact: Joyce H. Roberts

Oil Center Research has manufactured the highest quality products for over 40 years. Some of our tradenames are Liquid-O-Ring, Liquilon, Protekto-Coat and Plus.

We manufacture pump and valve lubricants, wireline lubricants, industrial cleaners and degreasers, specialty sealants, thread sealants and compounds, tool joint compounds, pipe coatings for storage, etc.

Look us up at www.oilcenter.com.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacturer
Ownership: Private
Stock Exchang: N/A
Stock Ticker: N/A
Number of Employees: 100