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Company Overview: The Peak Group

Company Information
The Peak Group
One Greenway Plaza
Suite 930
Houston, TX 77046

Contact Information
Website: www.peak-group.com
Phone: +1 713 461 1853
Phone: +1 281 669 0986

Since 1997 The Peak Group has grown from a small engineering consultancy into a global corporation.

In 2005 Peak Well Management expects to drill between twenty and thirty wells in seven countries. The scale of our operations is the equivalent of a medium-sized international oil company. Peak Consultancy Services is a leading provider of manpower services and continues to grow market share in a highly competitive global environment. Peak Solution Systems is a global leader in well construction performance management and provides the probabilisitc planning tools, P1 and C1.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Well Project Management
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 70