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Company Overview: Intership Ltd

Company Information
Intership Ltd
112 Bonadie Street
Trust House
Kingstown, 000

Contact Information
Website: www.barges.com
Phone: +1 646 827 4691
Phone: +1 646 403 9832
Sales Contact: Alex Vogel

Intership has been providing marine support to the offshore drilling and production industry for over three decades.

Our main service is providing offshore accommodation construction vessels to operators and contractors dealing with offshore exploration, production and construction, including platform and pipeline maintenance contracts.

With a work force of over 250 men and customers from Mexico to the Far East, Intership operates a fleet of vessels including accommodation and construction barges.

Intership's mission is to pursue operational excellence while maintaining the highest regard for the management of health, safety and environment (HSE) and quality. In all aspects of our work, we provide high quality, industry recognized marine construction services throughout the world.


  • Cable Laying in coastal areas.
  • Coastal Construction Support for ports, dredging, pipelaying and remote location projects such as mining and LNG plants.
  • Offshore Construction Support for platform installation, hook-up, commissioning, maintenance and repair.
  • Drilling Tender Support for warehousing drilling mud, piping, cement, barite and manpower.
  • Floating Accommodation for displaced persons, humanitarian workers, military personnel, asylum seekers or refugees in disaster areas, or where land space is limited.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Offshore Accommodation Vessels
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 250