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Company Overview: Microclean Environmental Systems,Inc.

Company Information
Microclean Environmental Systems,Inc.
2424 Babcock Rd.
Suite #300
San Antonio, TX 78229

Contact Information
Website: www.mcesystems.com
Phone: 210-615-8818
Phone: 210-615-7719
Executive Contact: Danny Mcquay

MicroClean Environmental Systems, Inc. is an environmental manufacturing and distributing company focusing on the safe disposal of pollutants that harm our ecosystem. We accomplish this task through the prevention and bioremediation of contaminates by using a patented microbial technology. We have developed six unique products designed to clean and remediate any contaminate. Whether you require chemical containment and disposal to prevent run-off, or you simply need a cost-effective way to clean your grease traps without using harmful chemical solvents, our products are designed to solve any problem.These products are: MC-Trap,MC-Soil,MC-Surface,MC-Parts,MC-Hand Cleaner and MC-Drain & Septic.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacturing
Ownership: Private