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Company Overview: Nek Group

Company Information
Nek Group
53-3 Vavillova Street
Moscow, 117312

Contact Information
Website: www.nek.ru
Phone: +7 095 761 9323
Phone: +7 095 540 4689
Executive Contact: Mike Fedotov
HR Contact: HR Department
Sales Contact: Nikolai Roudatski
Investor Contact: Nikolai Trubetskoy

NEK has gained a leading position in the market as one of the major transnational companies performing activities in both the CIS and abroad. The Holding's head office is located in Moscow.

The advantages of the NEK holding:

1. Infrastructure. the NEK holding currently has its own network of 38 operational and representative offices situated in strategically important regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. The Holding also maintains relationships with its partners in 33 countries of the world, which enables it to provide quality services not only in the CIS but all over the world.

2. Range and quality of services. The NEK holding provides an entire range of transport and shipping services and bases its activities on the founding principles of the ISO 9000 quality control system. The combination of international management and administrative standards with thorough knowledge of local conditions, traditions and culture of former USSR countries makes NEK a unique company on the transportation and shipping services market. We act as the subcontractor for many of our customers to carry out turnkey logistics work.

3. Customers. NEK was originally created and has developed as an organization capable of meeting the requirements of international oil companies. The Holding presently serves more than 200 customers operating in a variety of business spheres. We are proud of the long-term cooperation we have established with such major international companies as Tengizshevroil, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Siemens, Petro-Alliance, Halliburton and many others.

4. Technologies. Our corporate communications infrastructure allows us to exchange information on shipments, operations and orders between offices of the holding. A computer system is also in place to track cargo and report daily on the location and status of 6500 oil tank cars moving throughout the railway systems of the CIS.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Freight Forwarding
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 660