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Company Overview: UPC - Urethane Products Corporation

Company Information
UPC - Urethane Products Corporation
9076 Rosecrans Avenue
Bellflower, CA 90706

Contact Information
Website: www.urethaneproducts.com
Phone: (562) 630-4982
Phone: (562) 630-6974
Executive Contact: Chander Burgos

Urethane Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high performance fenders, resilient buoys and floatation foams for the marine industry.

Urethane Products' Marine GuardTM and Marine CushionTM fenders are constructed of a closed-cell, energy absorbing resilient foam core and a filament reinforced, tough polyurethane skin.

Foam-filled fenders absorb 40% more energy than pneumatic type fenders of the same size. The fenders will not experience a catastrophic failure as pneumatic fenders are prone to. Dredge Pipe Floatation - Urethane Products' Marine GuardTM Dredge Floats are constructed with a filament reinforced, polyurethane skin over a closed-cell, resilient foam core.

UPC's Marine Products Division is a leader in marine fendering and buoy technology. Our Marine Guard, Marine Cushion and Donut fenders have been successfully protecting marine assets worldwide in some of the most unforgiving environments.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: UPC provides a wide range of urethanes and polyureas with an emphasis on marine industrial products.
Ownership: Private