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Company Overview: Millennium Consulting, Title 30 CFR Experts

Company Information
Millennium Consulting, Title 30 CFR Experts
915 L Street #C-401
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contact Information
Website: www.millennium-consult.com
Phone: 916-966-0662
Phone: 916-966-0662

Millennium Consulting offers regulatory services in the following areas: Royalty, Regulatory, Contract Compliance: Providing technical support for comprehensive and accurate reporting of state and federal onshore and offshore royalties and allowances. Develop procedures to address federal compliance with the Minerals Management Service or your state government. Accounting and Auditing Services: Provide royalty audits to minimize the royalty effects on leased properties to eliminate those federal and state audit findings with interest payments.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Regulatory Accounting
Ownership: Private