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Company Overview: United States Environmental Services, LLC (USES)

Company Information
United States Environmental Services, LLC (USES)
365 Canal Street, Suite 2500
New Orleans, LA 70130

Contact Information
Website: www.usesgroup.com
Phone: 888-279-9930

United States Environmental Services, L. L. C. (USES) is a professional, full-service environmental contracting firm specializing in environmental emergency response; in-plant industrial services (tank cleaning, vacuum truck services, hydro blasting); contaminated site remediation; biological, viral and fungal decontamination services; demolition; environmental and safety training; industrial firefighting and industrial hygiene. We are a family-oriented company employing a wide array of individuals with diverse backgrounds ranging from those with advanced technical degrees to our equipment operators and response technicians who we consider to be the “backbone of the company.” We offer our customers a very broad field of services ranging from those that require a high degree of professional and technical expertise to those that require hard, labor-intensive work. And our strongest commitments are to Safety, our employees and their families, and our customers.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Environmental Services, Including Emergency Response and Biological Decontamination
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 450