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Company Overview: C&G Boats, Inc.

Company Information
C&G Boats, Inc.
1216 South Bayou Drive
Golden Meadow, LA 70357

Contact Information
Website: www.cgboats.com
Phone: 800-259-5155

C & G Boats began operations in 1956 through a partnership between Albert Cheramie and Anthony Guilbeau. The two founders remained partners for over 50 years while riding the waves of a volatile petroleum industry. Though challenging at times, their considerable pride mandated success of C & G on the premise of providing efficient, reliable and safe marine assets under reasonable and fair terms. The operational, technical and safety procedures of C & G are second to none. C & G offers a comprehensive suite of support services which include drilling support, production support, crew transportation, maintenance support, offshore accommodations and EEP standby services throughout the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. C & G Boats has continued to acquire new generation designed vessels and to design and construct state of the art equipment, including the two 205’ DP2 Fast Crew Supply Vessels which were recently added to the fleet. C & G provides one of the youngest fleets of vessels operating in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The loyalty and dedication of C & G to the marine industry and their customers over the past 50 years cannot be surpassed. C & G is committed to being the safest, efficient and most reliable marine transportation operator in the industry. Our crews and their support staff are the very best trained in the industry and they continue to receive instructional training according to their respective positions on our vessels. C & G’s factory certified professional mechanics and its fully trained and certified support of captains and crews assure that C & G continues its mission to provide safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation to its customers.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Offshore Transportation
Ownership: Private