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Company Overview: Varel International

Company Information
Varel International
1625 W. Crosby
Suite 124
Carrollton, TX 75006

Contact Information
Website: www.varelintl.com
Phone: 972-242-1160
Phone: 972-242-8770
Sales Contact: Worldwide Sales Information

Varel International manufactures drill bits for the global oil & gas drilling community as well as for the blasthole mining, industrial, construction and water well drilling communities. Varel International has grown to become the largest supplier of mining and industrial drill bits, and the leading independent supplier of oil and gas drill bits, both roller cone and PDC world wide. The entire Varel organization is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, and customer service in order to fulfill on our Mission Statement,“We will deliver ever-increasing value to our customers and other stakeholders by exceeding industry standards for performance, service and innovation.”

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling Bit Manufacturer and Supplier
Ownership: Private