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Company Overview: BILCO Tools, Inc.

Company Information
BILCO Tools, Inc.
107 Clendenning Rd.
P.O. Box 9064
Houma, LA 70361

Contact Information
Website: www.bilcotools.com
Phone: +1 985-851-2240

BILCO TOOLS, Inc. web-site gives you a virtual catalog of all down-hole clean-up tools, including the "Tough-boy" combination casing scrappers and brushes, PST (Pressure Signature Tracer) a patented device for testing and detecting thread failures or improper make-up of production strings; the patented "NBT" (Neutrally Balanced Tong) which overcomes the typical "side-loading" distortion while making up tubulars; The "NBT Friction Grip" tong which totally eliminates the possibility of tong die damage to the make-up area of your production string, thereby saving potentially thousands of dollars spent when corrosion due to the pitting of the tool joint occurs with commonly used make-up tongs; tongs for make-up of fiberglass tubing with our "Soft-Touch Tong"; Dial-A-Torque Hydraulic casing and tubing tong recorder; a complete line of riser, BOP stack, and casing cleaning and circulation tools and a patented WRT (Waste Retrieval Tool) a patented tool that holds up to 14 gallons of debris when washing the stack; Precision Slips and Elevators: Pneumatic Deepwater Precision Spider with spool for Umbilical capable of running side-by-side dual completion strings; Split-Bowl Spider and In-Line Elevators that assures ease in running tubing without causing damage during make-up or break out by always maintaining proper distance between strings; patented Deepwater Dual Tools; 350 ton Deep-water Sliding Spider; BAM (Bilco Analyzed Makeup)maintains computer graphic analysis of make-up of tubing threads and connections; the patented Connection Signature Tracer (CST) which uses much of the same technology as the PST device mentioned. BILCO holds 28 patents on many of it's innovative tools and testing equipment that no competitor can match utilizing 40 year old testing technology. BILCO is at the forefront of R&D and works closely with clients to design special need tools for any application and then actually build them in it's own quality controlled manufacturing facility.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Rental and Sale of Down-hole Tools, Tongs, Testing Connections Patented technology; Torque monitor
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50