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Company Overview: Knickerbocker Maritime

Company Information
Knickerbocker Maritime
232 Manor Road
Douglaston, NY 11363

Contact Information
Website: www.knickerbocker-maritime.com
Phone: +1 718 631-0473

Owners or other customers interested in technical ship management can benefit from Knickerbocker Maritime's unique view on technical ship management and how it fits into the maritime industry. KM can show owner's how to reduce their daily operating costs, using their current ship management arrangement, by gaining better control on the planning and operation of the fleet. KM's experience in virtually all aspects of technical ship management both within the ship management environment and outside parties such as suppliers, crewing agencies, shipyards, Classification societies and others provides a balanced and complete approach to the customer's request. Knickerbocker Maritime believes that being proactive is the key to being in a position to capitalize on market opportunities, hedging potential threats and weaknesses as well as develop new markets. Being proactive covers all areas from regulatory and commercial developments to monitoring events that can (and will) affect shipping that are outside of the industry's immediate control. Knickerbocker also believes that various aspects of shipping cannot be fully separated from each other—that is, what happens at the chartering desk affects what the ship’s superintendents can and cannot do.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Consulting
Ownership: Private