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Company Overview: Balmert Consulting

Company Information
Balmert Consulting
1023 Tanglebriar Drive
Seabrook, TX 77586

Contact Information
Website: www.balmert.com
Phone: 281-359-7234

Balmert Consulting offers training products and consulting services designed to achieve a sustainable improvement in safety, manufacturing and operations execution.

We teach "what to do" and "how to do it" based on best practices found in the most successful organizations.

Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Line Supervisors and Managers

Develops managers and supervisors to make a sustainable improvement in safety. Teaches practical skills and techniques to create the level of safety performance management expects.

Also, courses for leadership teams and individuals.

Managing Safety Performance: Recognizing What Can Hurt You

Traditional job hazard analysis often falls short of its intended goal. This course gives powerful hazard recognition insight and provides practical tools and techniques to those doing work and those supervising the work.

What Went Wrong: A Supervisors Guide to Investigations

Teaches practical skills and techniques that successful supervisors and managers use in the investigation of safety, production, quality, customer, schedule, and cost problems.

Influencing Skills for Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals

Teaches HSE professionals the practical tools they need to positively and effectively influence their organization.

Managing Your Organization: Skills for Supervisors and Managers

No theory, just practical tools and techniques that have proved their worth in the field in getting the work of execution done, and done well.

Fundamentals of Process Troubleshooting

This course addresses a critical need in the process industry: how do operating staff members learn to troubleshoot technical problems? Teaches a step-by-step method and participants practice these methods using state of the art computer simulation of common process industry equipment and systems.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Training and Consulting
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 10