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Company Overview: RR Valve Inc.

Company Information
RR Valve Inc.
5514 W. 34th St.
Houston, TX 77092

Contact Information
Website: www.rrvalve.com
Phone: 713-682-8875

With computer modeling, high technology engineering, metallurgical, and mechanical enhancements, RR Valve solved the frustrations of the current Reset Relief Valve (RRV) applications. The RR valve design has been extensively tested and validated in the field. RR valve is a "full range" valve, operating from 400 P.S.I. up to 7,500 P.S.I. Our technical advances have replaced a commodity valve with an Engineered Flow Control Device. RR valves cost no more to purchase than competitor valves, and are relatively maintenance free, with resulting negligible rebuild costs and downtime. At half the weight of the commodity valves, the RR Valve is safer to install and service, thus reducing the time and labor cost during maintenance..

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Reset Relief Valve supply
Ownership: Private