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Company Overview: Metal Locking Service

Company Information
Metal Locking Service
216 Colgate Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14220

Contact Information
Website: www.metalocking.com
Phone: 716-824-4359
Executive Contact: Matt Gehman
Sales Contact: Tom Price

Metal Locking Service, founded in 1942, employs a precise, mechanical method for making permanent repairs to broken or cracked cast iron components. We specialize in on-site industrial equipment repair and in-situ machining. Located in Buffalo, NY, we are proud of our ever-increasing list of satisfied customers. We offer around-the-clock service throughout the world. 125 years of combined experience in Metal Locking and machining enable us to be a valuable resource and extension of your maintenance and engineering departments.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: On-site Equipment Repair & Machining
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20