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Company Overview: Wet Tech Energy

Company Information
Wet Tech Energy
P.O. Box 310
4598 Woodlawn
Maurice, LA 70555

Contact Information
Website: www.wettechenergy.com
Phone: 337-893-9992

Wet Tech Energy is a full service mooring company with an in-house aid to navigation department serving over 90 companies in the oil/gas community with a broad array of services and products. Our diverse services include but are not limited to:
  • Buoys- Mooring buoys(Stand-by and back down systems)& Aid to Navigation and Lighted Smart Marker buoys sales, rental, installation, recovery and repair) Offshore mooring inspection and repair
  • GPS buoy tracking
  • Offshore Rig/Vessel tracking/Well monitoring services
  • Offshore Mooring Installation/Recoveries
  • Fire and Gas detection (sales, rental and service)
  • Aids to navigation (sales, rental, installation, inspections and service)
  • Emergency/Auxiliary Lighting (solar powered lighting)
  • Project management/Inspection services
  • Fabrication Services- lighted buoys, mooring buoys, custom buoys, nav-aid skids, clamp-on 48" caisson decks, temporary caisson platforms Through the acquisition of numerous talented individuals with specialties in the Fire and Gas, Pipeline corrosion control, Aids to Navigation, Positioning, Lighting, and Buoy construction and design, Wet Tech Energy is growing into a company that is built to serve the oilfield with services that aid the Oil/Gas Producers and Operators in remaining compliant with current governmental regulations, avoiding the need to call several companies.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Service Company
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 55