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Company Overview: PPDM Association

Company Information
PPDM Association
Bankers Hall PO Box 22155
Calgary/Alberta, T2P 4J5

Contact Information
Website: www.ppdm.org
Phone: 1 403 660 7817
Phone: 1 403 660 0540

The PPDM Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization representing over 100 oil and gas companies, software and data vendors and regulatory agencies worldwide. Deliverables include an open, vendor-independent standard petroleum Data Model, Reference Guides, Sample Data, Sample Data Queries, Data Exchange Schemas (XML) and Standard Reference Values for use by the Industry. Founded in 1989 and Incorporated in 1991, the Association develops these deliverables "the PPDM Way". For more details visit our web site at http://www.ppdm.org/.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Petroleum Data Model, XML Standard Data Transfer
Ownership: Non-Profit