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Company Overview: Oil Skimmers, Inc

Company Information
Oil Skimmers, Inc
Box 33092
12800 York Road
Cleveland, OH 44140

Contact Information
Website: www.OilSkim.com
Phone: 1 440 237 4600
Phone: 1

When it comes to removing oil from water for recovery, reuse or recycling, we have a solution for any application! Over the years, we’ve collected dozens of typical problems encountered in waste oil, tramp oil and sludge recovery, and now we’ve assembled them into one publication. The ORTS® from Oil Skimmers, Inc. is a complete oil removal and transfer system, all on one skid. The system efficiently removes oil from the surface of water, stores the recovered oil, and transfers it to a remote location. The system is available in a wide variety of configurations, and is completely customizable to meet any application requirement. The ORTS is applied in a variety of industries from rail yards to steel mills, positioned over ponds, pits, and sumps to allow the free-floating collector tube to continuously pick up oil as it easily snakes over and around any floating debris.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: oil skimmer
Ownership: Private