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Company Overview: CEC Vibration Products

Company Information
CEC Vibration Products
746 Arrow Grand Circle
Covina, CA 91722

Contact Information
Website: www.cecvp.com
Phone: 626-938-0200
Phone: 626-938-0202
Sales Contact: Richard Rogers

CEC Vibration Products is a manufacturer of vibration sensors and monitoring equipment specialized for use in harsh environment applications. CEC provides a full line of self-generating velocity sensors, industrial accelerometers, switches, transmitters, signal conditioners, cables assemblies and fully programmable vibration monitoring equipment used in health monitoring or qualification testing. CEC has a field-proven reputation for product reliability and support. This strong reputation is the paramount reason our worldwide industrial, military, aerospace and marine customers choose CEC products for their critical machinery health measurements. Trust CEC to bring quality to your field of operation.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Predictive Maintenance
Ownership: Private