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Company Overview: ODAK Construction and Installation Co.Ltd.

Company Information
ODAK Construction and Installation Co.Ltd.
Turapoglu Sok. Sumko Sit. A4 Bl. D:14 Kozyatagi
Istanbul, 81090

Contact Information
Website: www.odak-ltd.com
Phone: +90 216 384 2733
Phone: +90 216 384 2529
Executive Contact: Halit Ziya YAZICI
Investor Contact: Sencan SOYLEYEN

The areas which ODAK Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. has dealt with are refineries and petrochemical plants; and other industrial plants such as sugar and paper factories, iron & steel factories, pharmaceutical and cement plants, shipyards, loading terminals etc. ODAK Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. have carried out fabrication and installations of civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumental sides of the projects. The scope of the Company activities for the referred industries are basically design and manufacture of cylindrical, fixed & floating roof storage tanks; turn-key fuel oil plants, design and construction of waste water distillation plants, design and manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers; fabrication & installation and commissioning of process piping; equipment installation (including rotary and heavy lift equipments); painting, insulation and cladding works for industrial projects; design, fabrication and installation of steelwork, construction of export pipelines for loading terminals, pigging, pumping, compressing and blending stations, refineries and petrochemical plants and other industrial plants referred above. Also, ODAK Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. fabricates pressure regulating, metering and proving skid mounted units for oil and gas applications, fuel gas conditioning units, seperators, filters, launchers and receivers, scrubbers, slug catchers, gas gathering and oil production units, enhanced oil recovery equipments.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Contracting
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 30