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Company Overview: Choate Technology Services Ltd

Company Information
Choate Technology Services Ltd
St. John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road
Cambridge, CB4 OWS

Contact Information
Website: www.choate.co.uk
Phone: +44 1223 421710

Choate Technology Services is an independent UK consultancy providing expertise in drilling, geomechanics, reservoir and offshore engineering to the energy industry. P Founded in 1998 by former Shell Research Engineer Dr Paul Choate, CTS can provide a top team of associate consultants with extensive capabilities in addressing a wide range of challenging issues, for example: P FRACTURED WATER INJECTORSBR We support water injection management strategies using internally developed state of the art software analysis tools for predicting parting pressure and subsequent growth, containment and impairment of induced fractures. P EXTENDED REACH AND HPHT WELLSBR We have considerable experience in proving the feasibility of drilling and completing some of the worlds' most challenging extended reach and deep (HPHT) wells using advanced torque and drag and hydraulics analysis tools. P BOREHOLE STABILITYBR We can advise on borehole stability issues both during drilling and throughout production. To support this effort, we are developing advanced simulation models, for example dealing with hydrates.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling, geomechanics, reservoir engineering consultancy
Ownership: Private