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Company Overview: J&J Technical Services L.L.C.

Company Information
J&J Technical Services L.L.C.
5220 Hollywood Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71109

Contact Information
Website: www.j-jcompanies.com
Phone: 877-217-3590

J&J Technical Services, LLC (“JJ Tech”) is a U.S. based, world-wide supplier of artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. It holds patents in the U.S. and in various foreign countries on both its hydraulic Jet Pump, and on its breakthrough artificial lift system, which combines its Jet Pump with a revolutionary diaphragm surface pump designed specifically for JJ Tech by Wanner Engineering. JJ Tech was formed in 2002 to acquire, manufacture, and market the patented new Coleman hydraulic jet pump. This pump was developed to produce large volumes of subsurface formation fluids with inclusions of moderate to high solid content. Its unique patented design allows easy retrieval of the pump from the hole for replacement of the nozzle or mixing tube. This retrieval is accomplished by adjusting the surface valves and reversing the circulation of fluid with the existing surface pump; no wire line, pulling unit or work over rig is required. The renamed JJ Tech Jet Pump offers the oil and gas industry an artificial lift solution superior to other alternatives when dealing with a range of problematic down hole issues, including: •Faster Recovery of Frac Fluids •Producing Wells Making Significant Quantities Of Sand •Producing Deviated and/or Directionally Drilled Wells •Salt Water Disposal •Gas Well Dewatering •Producing Wells Located in Environmentally Sensitive Locations •Determining the Quantity of Fluid a Well Bore is Capable of Producing •Well Cleanouts

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Frac Flowback rentals and permanent production system sales
Ownership: Private