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Company Overview: Fox Filtration

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Fox Filtration
10850 Galt Industrial
Saint Louis, MO 63132

Contact Information
Website: www.foxfiltration.com
Phone: 314-432-2896

Reliable high performance elements that you can rely on to meet your critical filtration requirements. State-of-the-art automated production facilities combined with leading edge media selection provides products that protect your systems at a price that is very competitive by all industry standards. Products are manufactured up to 40" long with pleat heights to 2". Our strength is in removal ratings of 1 to 25 micron with Beta values exceeding 200. Fox Filtration's hydraulic filters combine the following benefits: Absolute [ß > 200] performance for ranges from 0.5 thru 25 micron (um) High dirt holding capacity Collapse Ratings to 3,000 psig per ISO 2941 Interchange with over 10,000 elements Individual Packaging Temperature Range: -45F to 225F. -20F to 225F with fluorocarbon seal Hardware Material: Corrosion protected metal end caps and core Filter Media: Inert micro-glass fibers impregnated and bonded with stable resin, supported upstream and downstream Filter Replacements For All Brands of Industrial Hydraulic and Lubrication Filter Elements

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Filtration
Ownership: Private