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Company Overview: Darby Equipment Company

Company Information
Darby Equipment Company
1915 S 49th West Ave
Tulsa, OK 74107

Contact Information
Website: www.darbyequip.com
Phone: 918-582-2340
Phone: 918-582-5192
Executive Contact: Bob Darby
Sales Contact: Bobby Darby
Investor Contact: Jim Thomas

Darby Equipment has, since 1982, been providing pipeline contractors with quality products and service. The company's products include the series 2000 hydraulic pipe-bending machines, ranging in size from 6in to 48in, which are capable of bending heavy-wall, high-X pipe with ease. It also manufactures and stocks internal line-up clamps, bending mandrels, facing machines from 8in to 60in, pipe roller cradles up to 60in, clamps with copper back-up shoes for use with automatic welding, ditch pumps, and more. Darby Equipment can also supply various other pipeline supplies such as lifting belts and slings, holiday detectors, external clamps, and beveling machines.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipeline Equipment Sales and Rental
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 17