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Company Overview: Enviro-Tech Systems

Company Information
Enviro-Tech Systems
17327 Norwell Dr
Covington, LA 70435

Contact Information
Website: www.envirotechsystems.com
Phone: +1-985-809-6480

Oil / Water Separator Services
Enviro-Tech Systems provides complete repair and refurbishment of Skimmers, Corrugated Plate Separators and other gravity separation equipment. We have a complete line of spare parts from hatch gaskets to replacement Corrugated Plate packs. ETS has developed several improvements to the CPI technology including, internal pack jetting systems, Rotatable pipe skimmers, Coalescing media and Rotating Skimmers. We service equipment in both the offshore and industrial sectors.

Induced Gas Flotation Cell Services
Enviro-Tech Systems services and repairs the equipment of all manufacturers of Induced Gas Flotation Cells including the mechanical and hydraulic type. We have in our stock spare parts for the Tridair, Wemco and Monosep flotation cell along with parts for most other manufacturers. Over the years, ETS has developed several improvements to the Induced Gas Flotation Cell including the addition of multiple eductors creating more gasification per cell, coalescing media to increase oil particle diameter, gas sparging for fine bubble diffusion in the outlet of the IGF and retractable sampling devices. These methods are all proven technology for increasing the efficiency of the IGF.

Technical Services
Enviro-Tech Systems has the capability to analyze the waste stream determining its treatability. Our state of the art Multiphase Wastewater Analysis (MWA) program enables ETS to profile the waste stream and determine the proper method of treatment. The MWA system allows for ETS personnel to review samples of the waste stream under a microscope and actually fingerprint its characteristics including oil and solids particle size, and particle size distribution. With this information, the customer can make an informed decision on the type and size of equipment required to efficiently treat the process to their discharge specifications.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Service Offshore Production Equipment
Ownership: Private