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Company Overview: American Oil & Gas Historical Society

Company Information
American Oil & Gas Historical Society
3204 18th St., NW, No. 3
Washington, DC 20010

Contact Information
Website: aoghs.org
Phone: 202 387-6996
Executive Contact: Bruce A. Wells

After reporting on the petroleum industry since the 1980s, I founded the American Oil & Gas Historical Society in 2003. AOGHS is a small business dedicated to energy education that I run from my home office in Washington, D.C. I maintain and regularly add content to a website, speak at industry events, help reporters, researchers, teachers, students and others interested in U.S. petroleum history. More than 400 educational articles are now posted on the AOGHS website, which includes energy education resources and links. I believe many individuals from the oil patch, community museums volunteers, historical societies, and petroleum companies not only preserve a remarkable history, they serve as ambassadors to an often skeptical public. The petroleum industry’s social, economic and technological achievements offer an important context for teaching the modern energy business. With no staff, I am supported only by volunteers and tax-deductible donations.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Energy education and promoting the heritage of oil and gas exploration and production
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 1