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Company Overview: Bell Geospace, Inc.

Company Information
Bell Geospace, Inc.
2 Northpoint Drive
Suite 250
Houston, TX 77060

Contact Information
Website: www.bellgeo.com
Phone: 281-591-6900
Phone: 281-591-6900
Executive Contact: Scott Hammond

The Three-Dimensional Full Tensor Gradient (3-D FTG) acquisition system was first developed for the U.S. Navy's Trident submarine program. Since the technology was declassified in the early 1990's, Bell Geopace has enhanced it for use in the oil and gas industry. Bell Geospace's 3D FTG acquisition system takes ultra sensitive real-time measurements of small gravity changes (gradients) caused by density differences in all directions. Our experts interpret the Gradient data to explain how it is related to local geologic structures.

FTG Data can be used to:

  • Delineate subsalt and sub-basalt structures
  • Predict base of salt; map top of salt
  • Image salt flanks and overhangs
  • Detect shallow hazards
  • Direct gas detection

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Acquisition, interpretation, and sale of 3D-FTG data.
Ownership: Private