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Company Overview: Quest Consultants Inc.

Company Information
Quest Consultants Inc.
P.O. Box 721387
Norman, OK 73070

Contact Information
Website: www.questconsult.com
Phone: 405 329 7475

Quest Consultants Inc. is an engineering firm dedicated to providing process hazards management services to the hydrocarbon, petrochemical, and chemical processing industries. Our professional staff members are recognized leaders in process hazards analysis, consequence modeling, risk analysis, and safety-related research and testing.

Our personnel have a broad range of international experience in assisting clients in all aspects of process hazards management, from development of grassroots programs to evaluating existing programs. This experience enables us to assist in developing the project scope and provides the basis for establishing a time- and cost-effective approach for achieving your project objectives.

A key element in the development of a comprehensive process hazards management program is the ability to accurately model the extent of hazard zones that would result from releases of toxic or flammable fluids. Quest's Software package, CANARY by Quest, offers state-of-the-art consequence modeling for flammable or toxic dispersion, fire radiation, and vapor cloud explosion hazards.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Process Safety and Risk Management Engineering
Ownership: Private