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Company Overview: Force Control Industries, Inc.

Company Information
Force Control Industries, Inc.
3660 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH 45014

Contact Information
Website: www.forcecontrol.com
Phone: 513-868-0900
Phone: 513-868-2105

We are designers and manufactures of brake and clutch systems using "oil shear" technology for handling tools and rig floor automation. Additionally we manufacture tension and energy absorber brakes(Baylor Brake replacment) for winches and drawworks applications.Tough Rig floor automation equipment with servo accuracy for pipe handling applications. Replace your Elmagco 7838 Brake with the Force Control TB-87 Positorq Oil Shear brake and trip faster, drill smoother, and make your operators happy. The TB-87 Positorq brake will operate consistently from 0 RPM to full speed. Torque is linear to actuation pressure (not speed sensitive) making the operation simple, and consistent. Oil shear technology means no adjustment – ever, and wear is minimal meaning years of service between rebuilds. TB-87 Positorq Oil Shear Brakes for off shore oil rigs • Never Needs Adjustment - Ever • Long lasting oil shear technology • Consistent smooth operation from 0 to full speed • Full torque available - 0 RPM to maximum speed • Smooth operation down to 0 RPM (no stick slip or chatter) • Torque linear to actuation pressure – speed independent • Works well with subsea BOP’s • Emergency stop system brings controlled stop in case of power failure • Simple control – manual over full torque range – auto set with manual over ride • Control works with auto driller systems that can provide an output. • Torque Range – continuous slip torque 250 Lb. Ft. to 115,000 Lb. Ft. • Maximum stopping/holding torque 177,000 Lb. Ft. • WK2 - 1,698 Lb.Ft.2 • Weight – 10,700 Lbs.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacture of Brake,Clutches & controls
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 300