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Company Overview: Elgin Separation Solutions

Company Information
Elgin Separation Solutions
10050 Cash Road
Stafford, TX 77477

Contact Information
Website: www.elginseparationsolutions.com
Phone: 281-261-5778

oday, Elgin is made of four specialized divisions; Elgin Water Solutions, Elgin Separation Solutions (Liquid Separation), Elgin Separation Solutions (Solid Separations) and Elgin Power Solutions. The brand names represented within Elgin include CMI, Cook Legacy, Gilbert Electrical, Tabor, Mining Controls, Norris, Kemtron Technologies, CSI, IPE and Clinch River; all widely recognized for their reliability, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Elgin Separation Solutions is made of two specialized teams, one that focuses on liquid removal, in which the liquid phase is considered the non-valued product and one that focuses on solids removal, in which the solids phase is consider the non-valued product. Both Elgin Separation Solutions teams manufacture a host of refined solid/liquid separation technologies that include decanter centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryers, industrial wastewater solutions, food rendering centrifuges, dredging dewatering systems, shale shakers, containerized dewatering systems, packaged mud recycling systems, shaker screens

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Solids Control Equipment
Ownership: Private