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Company Overview: Zeta-pdm Ltd

Company Information
Zeta-pdm Ltd
Zeta House
Daish Way. Newport
Isle of Wight, PO30 5XJ

Contact Information
Website: www.zeta-pdm.com
Phone: +44 1983 528142

Zeta-pdm is a world leader in separation processes and a key technology supplier to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. With many years of proven experience, both onshore and offshore, we have built an industry-wide reputation for quality, reliability and for the depth of service that our clients need. Our research and development programs have focused on optimising process design to reduce the size and weight of their equipment. As a specialist technology supplier, our primary focus is on various types of separation processes, including:- •Separators •Gas scrubbers •Produced water flash drums •Degassers •Flare knock-out drums •Offshore process consultancy High performance gas outlet and packing technology With Zeta-pdm, you get credible solutions based on practical engineering, process design expertise all of which is in strict accordance with the latest additions of EN ISO 9001:2000. Based on our extensive range of internals technology, developed in-house and on other licensed technologies, we offer flexible high performance gas outlet and packing technology, plus a range of industry standard internals. Proprietary process internals Zeta-pdm proprietary process internals include:- •Inlet devices – ZPV, ZSQ, various vane types, semi-cyclonic, 4G-cyclonic and customised •Distribution devices – perforated, vane, ZHB, ZVB and ZVE fluid control technology and customised •Liquid / liquid coalescers – packed and plate •Gas / liquid demisting / coalescing devices – mesh pad / vane type coalescers and demisting devices, filters and filter coalescers, ZP vane packs and 4G-cyclonic type demisters •De-foaming equipment Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Process calculations aim to provide information on the operating conditions inside a separator vessel but they cannot show the actual fluid flow field associated with the process in any detail.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Separation Equipment
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 15