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Company Overview: Energía y Medio Ambiente Combustión E&M Combustió

Company Information
Energía y Medio Ambiente Combustión E&M Combustió
Poligono Bildosola Pab. F-3 y F-4
Artea, 48142

Contact Information
Website: emcombustion.es/en/
Phone: +34 944530361
Executive Contact: Iñigo Béjar

E&M Combustion develops industrial burners and hot gas generators technology with low contaminating emissions that ensure major energy savings. We manufacture combustion equipment with the overriding aim being to provide customised technical solution for industrial combustion processes. The wide range of burners we offer enables us to respond to most of the needs arising in a company, specially in the energy, oil & gas, steel and metal-working sectors. Our technological developments are designed to provide top-drawer know-how in matters of energy efficiency and the reduction in contaminating emissions. A hallmark of E&M CombustiĆ³n has been the design of special industrial burners to be installed in areas with explosion-proof classification according to ATEX and NEC directives and standards (ATEX and NEC Burners). This type of design is becoming increasingly widespread and is now of almost mandatory use in industries such as refineries, petrochemical plants, power generating plants.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Design and manufacture of combustion equipment
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50