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Company Overview: OSP Microcheck

Company Information
OSP Microcheck
16223 Park Row, Suite 190
Houston, TX 77084

Contact Information
Website: www.ospmicrocheck.com
Phone: 281-497-2692

OSP offers high-level technical expertise and unparalleled access to application experience, support and product recommendations for microbial diagnostics and control for energy and industrial applications. Since 1986 OSP has developed a number of products, including LifeCheck, 2K7 Biocide and Telomer, to prevent issues such as corrosion and souring. In 2017, recognizing the importance of reliable testing within a microbial mitigation strategy, OSP launched LifeCheck Microbial Services. Our LifeCheck Microbial Services team is comprised of technical experts, who can offer immediate on-site or in the lab sample evaluation and testing, providing you with reliable results time and time again. LifeCheck Microbial Services utilizes several technologies for microbial analysis and testing, including LifeCheck DNA, LifeCheck ATP and LifeCheck Media. All or a selection of technologies can be chosen for testing.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Microbial Diagnostics and Control
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 25