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Company Overview: Coole Immersive

Company Information
Coole Immersive
Suite 139, Advanced Technology Centre
9650 20 Avenue
Edmonton, T6N1G1

Contact Information
Website: www.cooleimmersive.com
Phone: 780-718-9004

Coole Immersive, Inc develops and markets Simulation-Based Training programs developed to encompass the educational requirements of front line production workers. Coole Immersive specializes in developing immersive, interactive training systems that provide a “safe place to fail”. Coole’s simulation-based and web-based systems complement and support the traditional hands-on training of front-line workers, and meet or exceed industry and regulatory requirements to prove competency. Coole's Service Rig Training program (SRT) for land-based workover / completions rigs has been shown to reduce accident rates (TRIR) by as much as 40%.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Interactive Simulation-based Training for the Oil & Gas Industry
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 15