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Company Overview: SALA Remote Medics

Company Information
SALA Remote Medics
310 K Street
Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99501

Contact Information
Website: www.salamedics.com
Phone: 907-331-8140
Executive Contact: Suzan Simonds
Sales Contact: Jason McLaughlin

SALA Remote Medics appreciates the risks and hazards of being away from home in diverse conditions and works hard to promote safety and facilitate accident prevention. SALA Remote Medics not only provides safety and accident mitigation, but it also provides preventative medical and emergency care through experienced healthcare providers with a comprehensive injury management program.

We are known for our impeccable work history on small and large projects and providing superior service. Our organization was founded on the principles that health and safety can be tailored to the specific desires of the client at a low cost without having to be difficult or cumbersome. Working under our philosophy, our health and safety providers are focused on providing quality preventative safety, medical and emergency response that emphasizes on the client and patient requests.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Medical Staffing, Telemedicine, Medical Support, Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Training
Ownership: Private