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Company Overview: CCTV Accessories Closed Circuit Television

Company Information
CCTV Accessories Closed Circuit Television
via Lago Maggiore 15
Schio, 36015

Contact Information
Website: www.videotec.com
Phone: +39 0445 697411
Phone: +39 0445 697414
Sales Contact: Enrico Dani

VIDEOTEC s.r.l. was founded in Italy, in 1986, and has specialized in the creation of functional and aesthetic CCTV products ever since. VIDEOTEC’s products are well known for their design, ease of installation and rugged construction. They are the results of skilled craftsmen combined with an engineering team with many years of experience in the field of video surveillance.

Over the years, VIDEOTEC has expanded its products line and has become one of the largest state-of-the-art CCTV product range manufacturers in the market.

Mechanical range: aluminum camera housings, brackets, monitor hangers, pan & tilt heads, discreet dome housings, vandal resistant housings, stainless steel housings for special applications, explosion-proof housings and pan & tilt heads.

Electronic range: controllers for pan & tilt heads and lenses, video switchers, video matrices, telemetry data equipment, video transmission on twisted pair, infrared illuminators, wireless data and video transmission.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: CCTV
Ownership: Private