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Complete GPS
1800 US Highway 22 W
Circleville, OH 43113

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Website: completegps.com
Phone: 740-500-4771

If your business wants to see about 15% savings in operation cost of your fleets, and a reduction in your insurance rates, then you need to invest in GPS tracking solutions. Here is why you should consider integrating a GPS fleet and asset tracking system. Keep tabs on your fleet or equipment in real time.Know who is driving your vehicle and where they are!Be abreast of what is happening on the go, so you can make quick decisions if required. Comply with all transportation, health and safety regulations by observing posted speed limits.Increase the lifespan of your vehicles and equipment. Reduce your fuel costs.Transform and run your business seamlessly by using our innovative GPS solution

Quick Facts

Line of Business: GPS tracking System
Ownership: Private